This is nowhere. Nothing here matters.

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She’s cute

she’s just saying that because it’s probably difficult to reach her vagina.

you obviously have no idea how the female anatomy works and I’m assuming that’s because you’ve never touched a vagina in real life so why don’t you pipe the fuck down. pro tip: you can use your tears as lube while you’re masturbating tonight.

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'Do you have stretch marks?'

I treat my stretch marks and the marks on my body like I treat my arms and my legs, they are part of me and part of me = fabulous.

You hating the marks on your body is not your fault, the fault lies with the people who make money out of these worries. Stop hating your body because your body loves you enough to keep you alive. Your marks mean you are alive!

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were u not hugged as a child

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Evening walk

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Double-exposure photo of my cat and trees


Double-exposure photo of my cat and trees